Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Everybody Is Picking Green Bay To Win And Justin Fields Loves It


Andy Dalton has a broken hand, so it is quite timely that Justin Fields is cleared to return for this Sunday despite three cracked ribs. While the rookie quarterback admitted to still being in some pain, it is tolerable enough to where he can throw the football without much discomfort. He returns just in time for the Chicago Bears‘ final stand of 2021. Fittingly against their hated nemesis Green Bay Packers.

Fields understands the state of the rivalry. It is one the Packers have pretty much owned for the past 30 years. Especially with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. As the two teams prepare to meet again at Lambeau Field, nobody expects things to be different. Rodgers took care of business at Soldier Field earlier this year. Why should anybody think it’ll be different this time? Both fans and experts alike believe the Packers will cruise to another victory.

In all honesty, that suits Fields just fine. The more people doubt him, the better.

He isn’t lying either. The rookie has played some of his best games this season when the opposing team is heavily favored. Las Vegas was -5.5. Pittsburgh was -6.5. In this game? Green Bay is a whopping -12.5 to win. Nobody out there thinks the Bears even have a chance to keep it close. Let alone pull out a victory. Both because their offense still can’t score and their defense is significantly less healthy than the last time these two teams met.

Most are predicting a massacre. Fields seems to relish that. He loves it when people doubt him and his team. Keep this in mind. Back in January, Las Vegas had Clemson -7 to beat Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. Fields ended up throwing six touchdowns in that game. It is a rare feeling for him to be the underdog, and he lives for it.

Good news is Justin Fields may have some help

For the first time in weeks, wide receiver Allen Robinson returned to practice. He’d been dealing with a hamstring injury suffered in the loss to Pittsburgh. Fellow receiver Marquise Goodwin joined him as well. So the Bears are getting some key weapons back into the mix. David Montgomery is playing some of his best football lately. He has become much more active in the passing game of late.

What this comes down to is the offensive line. Green Bay sacked Justin Fields four times in the previous meeting. Now the rookie will have to deal with a raucous and hostile crowd on top of it. Can the front five protect him? In truth, they had one of their better games against Arizona last Sunday. They allowed just 10 total pressures.

If they can deliver a strong performance at Lambeau?

It is possible Fields can live up to his steadfast belief this team can beat the Packers. People always talk about Rodgers but the truth is it’s been the Bears’ inability to score that keeps them so lopsided in this rivalry. They have to score points if they want to win. That is Fields’ purpose not just this weekend but moving forward.

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