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ESPN Insider Reveals Caleb Williams’ Has A Serious Threat For #1 Spot


Everybody has already penciled in Caleb Williams as the favorite to go #1 overall in the draft, most likely to the Chicago Bears. It’s understandable. He has been a darling of the draft community for two years, starring at both Oklahoma and USC. He’s drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes, the best player in the league. The out-of-structure wizardry and outstanding arm talent make it a tantalizing combination. However, the draft has always shown that assuming anything in February would be ill-advised.

Field Yates covers the draft for ESPN. He’s spoken to plenty of scouts, executives, and coaches around the league. While he may not know what GM Ryan Poles will do in two months, he at least has a gauge of where things stand league-wide. This is where it gets interesting. He appeared on Waddle & Silvy for ESPN 1000 where he was asked if he had to make a bet, who would he have going #1. Yates stated that it would be Williams, but in his mind, it isn’t nearly as concrete as people think. This isn’t Trevor Lawrence in 2021 or Andrew Luck in 2012. Williams’ grip on that spot is far from secure.

If true, who is the biggest threat to unseat him? The name Yates mentioned isn’t who you’d think.

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For all the Caleb Williams hype, Jayden Daniels had the better year.

He won the Heisman trophy, and he did it against far stiffer competition in the SEC. His improvement as a passer is what stood out the most. Last season, he had 17 touchdowns and three interceptions for LSU. In 2023, he had 40 touchdowns and four interceptions. Critics will say that’s entirely thanks to the presence of Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr., two talented receivers. Here’s the thing. That receiving corps was just as talented in 2022 as last year. There is no way they were the entire difference. So much of that breakout year by the Tigers was Daniels’ own improvements as a passer, especially from the pocket.

That might not be enough for many in the league to overtake Caleb Williams as the #1 QB in this class. However, the only one it would have to convince is Poles. He likes resilient players. Daniels overcame a lot of adversity during his time at Arizona State and emerged as a star. He’s an elite athlete and made progress in necessary areas for the NFL level. If he showcases the mental traits Poles is looking for in interviews, it could set the stage for a stunner on draft night.


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Booger McFarland
Feb 9, 2024 1:05 pm

I wouldn’t trust a Brian Kelly QB

Jim Jones
Feb 9, 2024 12:48 pm

@BearsCub30 correct Caleb was listed at 215. Daniels listed at 210. Some people felt Daniels really played under 200. The difference between the two on size is really their frame. Caleb is built more like Pat Mahomes and Daniels has the frame of Snoop Dogg. Daniels will have a harder time gaining and maintaining weight with that frame than Caleb will. He will have to pull the Bryce Young and pack on weight for the combine and then maintain at his pro day. Even then that’s going to be his big concern. If he was Drake Maye’s size and build… Read more »

Feb 9, 2024 12:34 pm

@jim Jones- Ya I agree about his size. But I’m wondering what really is he for weight? I’ve seen 190,215,210,205? Super curious because espn has him at 210 and Caleb at 215? If that’s the case then really what is five pounds? But again no one knows the truth until official combine stats. But if he really is a five pound difference but has 3” on Caleb does that come into account? I see a lot of guys just counting him fully out but not fully saying some huge factor on why he’s out? I want Williams to be the… Read more »

Jim Jones
Feb 9, 2024 11:38 am

@BearsCub30, if he were 30 lbs heavier and didn’t take the hits he does he would be legitimately in the convo as much as CW. If he didn’t take the hits he does with his frame, not just his size he would also be in the convo more. Mayes size and Daniels skills? He would be the top pick imo. He turns 24 in November, but that isn’t awful as much as his size, hits, and the one year of elite performance.

Jim Jones
Feb 9, 2024 11:34 am

Yeah Sam, as much as I would love to get additional picks I just think there is zero chance Poles gets cute this year. Like you said, he takes a QB that buys him at least 2 years. Runs it back with Flus and JF? He is instantly on the hot seat with a mediocre QB hoping the additional 2 is a starter and the 1 this year jumps out the gate an All Pro. If they don’t? He doesn’t see the other picks he traded for. I just see absolutely no way he trades from 1. He is the… Read more »

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