Will the Chicago Bears draft a quarterback next month? It’s a fair question. Despite their trade for Nick Foles, one could argue the team might not feel entirely secure at the position. Mitch Trubisky will be a free agent next year, which leaves Foles as the only guy on the roster under contract beyond 2020. That combined with limited certainty that he’s a long-term answer might compel GM Ryan Pace to double down on the position by drafting somebody.

Insider Matt Miller reiterated on his Stick To Football podcast that the Bears are the absolute ideal destination for Oklahoma standout Jalen Hurts. He believes in his heart the QB and head coach Matt Nagy would make an excellent combination.

People seem all over the map on Hurts. While everybody loves his natural charisma, resiliency, intelligence, and natural leadership they have significant questions about his ability as a passer. There is no question he’s an excellent runner, but throwing the football has been a mixed bag throughout his college career. Lots of bright moments but a lot of ugly ones too.

Chicago Bears may fall in love with Hurts the person

Based on what we’ve learned from last year, the Bears might’ve shifted their priorities on evaluating quarterbacks. Word was they had a lot of interest in Gardner Minshew out of Washington State. He went in the 6th round because of limited athleticism and a rather average arm. Where he scored big points were his charisma and football intelligence.

If this is the way the team is starting to lean, then a guy like Hurts would appeal to them from the jump. Many see him as the next Dak Prescott. Maybe not the most natural thrower but a true competitor who does whatever it takes to win. Maybe the Bears decide to hedge their bets at quarterback and bring him in.