Thursday, February 29, 2024

Draft Insider Reveals Why Ryan Poles Is So Set On Taking His QB Now


There are two schools of thought surrounding the Chicago Bears quarterback decision this off-season. One section of fans and media believe the team should stick with Justin Fields. Use the resources available to build around him. The other side says it’s time to trade Fields and take the best quarterback at #1 overall. Based on every report from top insiders over the past week, it sounds like GM Ryan Poles is committed to the latter. While he loves the work Fields has put in, an opportunity to reset the QB clock with a player of his choice is too good to pass up.

Except it isn’t always that simple. There could be another reason why he’s choosing such a course now. Good general managers don’t solely focus on a draft class in the current year. They often have an eye on the next two or three draft classes in the future. That includes the quarterbacks. Part of Poles’ decision to take one now might be driven by what he’s seeing in 2025. That is what NFL Network draft insider Daniel Jeremiah stated. By his estimates, next year could be a rough one at the quarterback position.

Ryan Poles understands he can’t delay the decision any longer.

Perhaps if the 2025 class had more options he could be excited about, he’d be willing to entertain the idea of keeping Fields and trading down again. That doesn’t appear to be the case. Shedeur Sanders, Quinn Ewers, and Carson Beck appear to be the top three options going into next year. Maybe one of them takes a big step forward into that elite territory. Yet even if they do, there is no guarantee the Bears would have a high enough pick next year to even have the option of drafting them. Teams don’t get an opportunity to pick first in the draft too often.

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One mistake previous Bears GMs made was not pouncing on quarterbacks high in the draft in years past. They passed on Drew Brees in 2001, opting to stick with Jim Miller. In 2005, they felt keeping Rex Grossman was a better bet than taking Aaron Rodgers with the 4th pick. Everybody remembers they almost drafted Joe Montana in 1979 before taking a backup running back instead. Ryan Poles doesn’t want to fall into that same trap of maintaining the status quo. It’s a 3-1 count. He knows a fastball is coming. It is time to take his swing.


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Feb 11, 2024 6:42 pm

Leatherwood? Did not mention him, nor was he a league minimum guy.

Maybe your football judgement is limited by your reading comprehension

Feb 11, 2024 5:36 pm

@Arnie — How quickly, they forget. Matt Nagy was seen as a QB Whisperer to Patrick Mahomes — if only, by our host, Mr. Erik Lambert. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, at Halas Hall: “The Bears were poised to have one of the league’s best defenses, and they showed it. They led the league in turnovers (36) that season, recording 12 more than the team with the second-most in that category. Their defense was an offense, and it led them to a historic 12-4 record and an NFC North title.” — Ryan Taylor Sept.2, 2023. Khalil Mack cost the… Read more »

Feb 11, 2024 5:14 pm

@Tred — Two things can be true. But, Poles pays this guy, Chris Morgan — and Ian Cunningham is also a former O-lineman. These boys are asleep at the wheel. RT, Darnell Wright is a perfect example (of which I have about, previously). Wright had “Trent Williams traits” until “C-Mo” got hold of hime. Wright got called for 11 penalties. That’s not 100% coaching — but it’s “discipline.” And, that’s a 50/50 proposition. The disappearance of the “TW traits,” is a coaching decision — and a stupid one, in my view. That’s 100% on Morgan. Luke Steckel saw what was… Read more »

Feb 11, 2024 5:05 pm

Alex Leatherwood? Really? It wasn’t big money — but it was a mess from the start. Have you ever watched this guy play?

Next, you’ll advocate for resigning Lucas Patrick; and extending Nate Davis and Cody Whitehair.

Ryan Poles and Ian Cunningham are both, former O-linemen. And yet, this roster is where it is. And the OL coach is Chris Morgan.

I rest my case.

Feb 11, 2024 4:20 pm

jmscooby It is also worth noting that some of tgena’s pet peeves were essentially camp bodies signed at league minimum. With 90 players required for camp, plus guys who get injured or get replaced before the season, moves to the practice squad, etc, half or more of every team’s roster is never going to play in any given year. Some are guys who may or may not have some tread left on the tires, some may be “potential” tryouts and some are just veterans who you know aren’t part of the long range plan but have been around long enough… Read more »

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