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Dick Butkus Provided Inside Scoop On How Bad Nagy Was With Fields


Dick Butkus never proclaims himself to be an insider in the NFL. Yet as a former player and somebody that still follows the game, it’s reasons to think he still has friends around the league. Friends that are much more plugged in. It would be so interesting to hear what those friends have to say right now about the Bears. Well, the legendary linebacker provided a taste during an interview on the Under Center podcast.

He was asked about what George Halas would think about the team’s state today. Butkus stated the old man would be rolling over in his grave. He then revealed that he had spoken to a prominent person on another NFL team to talk about quarterback Justin Fields. Here is where he got a fundamental understanding of how little the rest of the league thinks of former head coach Matt Nagy.

Let’s just say the opinions were already low and only got worse last season.

It is one thing to get opinions from fans that have a deep stake in the organization. It is quite another when others around the league are so frank about how awful a job a coach did. Saying Nagy didn’t handle it well would be one thing. To say what he did in 2021 was the equivalent of not coaching Fields at all is brutal. Given how the Bears utilized the rookie for most of the season, it’s hard to argue that point.

Too often, it felt like Nagy was trying to run an offense built for Andy Dalton or another 10-year veteran. Somebody capable of making complicated reads and quick decisions. Things that Fields, like most rookies, wouldn’t be ready for. This is why he took so many sacks and threw more interceptions than touchdowns. The Bears rarely adjusted the offense to his strengths, and it shows on tape.

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Dick Butkus didn’t need to provide that information, but the fact he did reinforces the point. The Bears made the right decision to fire Nagy.

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