It’s actually been rather surprising how many former NFL players have supported the idea of Deshaun Watson going to the Chicago Bears. Ryan Clark was the first notable name to voice that opinion in the past month. Then Michael Vick, Watson’s childhood idol, offered Chicago or San Francisco would be one of the two teams he’d recommend.

Now another ex-quarterback has joined in. Former #1 overall pick David Carr stated on NFL Network that Watson to the Bears is the connection he’d be looking for. They have a good defense he could lean on and some solid weapons in place for him to work with including Allen Robinson who would hopefully re-sign in the event the quarterback came to town.

If nothing else, this is a good reminder Chicago can’t be ignored.

Sure they don’t have the same resources teams like the Jets and Dolphins do. At the same time, there are advantages they do have. The defense as mentioned above. Solid weapons. A quarterback-friendly coaching staff. From the perspective of the Houston Texans, they’re in the NFC so he wouldn’t see them again for four years. Also, GM Ryan Pace and GM Nick Caserio have a strong relationship from previous trades together.

So is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? No. Things are pretty clear at this point. Houston may end up trading Watson, but they aren’t going to do so until they’ve exhausted every alternative. This could include forcing him to sit out an entire season. The Bears just can’t afford to wait forever. They need solutions for this year and the Watson saga figures to drag on for some time.

So if not Deshaun Watson then who will it be?

This is where the rumors really start to get tangled. So let’s start with the most obvious. Carson Wentz is on the outs in Philadelphia. Word is he’d like to be traded and get a fresh start with a new team. Though he had a terrible year in 2020, he’s still 28-years old and had success as recently as 2019. It’s a matter of whether the next coaching staff can clean up the bad habits he’s developed.

Where do the Bears stand? Some claim they have the biggest offer on the table at present. Just not big enough to satisfy the Eagles. Others claim their interest is way overblown and Philadelphia is using them to try and swell Wentz’s market.

Then there is Derek Carr, David’s brother. 

Buzz has persisted since last year the Las Vegas Raiders are searching for their next quarterback. They’re at least listening to offers on Carr and the Bears seem to be one of the teams most interested. Given his age, recent play, and affordable contract that makes sense. It’s just that the asking price from the Raiders is far too high at the moment.

Thus the wait continues. Maybe the stars will align and Deshaun Watson becomes available in the next month or so. However, the Bears don’t have the luxury of waiting for that moment to come. Even if the wait might be worth it.