Sunday, February 11, 2024

Confirmation Teams Are Reportedly Lining Up For A Run At Justin Fields


People weren’t ready to believe Justin Fields would command a lot of interest on the trade market this off-season. It seems they were mistaken. Thus far, two prominent insiders (Adam Schefter and Tom Pelissero) have suggested the Chicago Bears are virtually guaranteed a 2nd round pick for the quarterback and might be able to secure a 1st rounder if enough teams are involved. It sounds unbelievable until you remember Sam Darnold netted the Jets 2nd, 5th, and 6th round picks. Fields is a better player than him.

Now, you can add Ian Rapoport to that list. The NFL Network insider provided a significant update on the Bears’ situation. According to his sources, the team seems intent on staying put at #1 overall, barring a “crazy” offer from another team. That means they aim to take a quarterback and will trade Fields, who apparently could be in high demand.

“If Chicago does decide to take the former Heisman Trophy winner in Williams, they would almost certainly trade Justin Fields to the highest bidder in what should be an active and fertile market. Fields, who hit his stride in the second half of this season and should command considerable interest, received plenty of support this week from teammates (DJ Moore is one example) with hopes of him sticking in Chicago.”

It sounds like several teams are ready and willing to take a gamble on Fields, hoping the progress he showed this past season can continue.

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Justin Fields will get another opportunity.

He’s done enough to earn that. While he never quite blossomed as a passer in his three years with the Bears, nobody can ever question his effort. He put in all the work necessary to be great. There were flashes this past season, but he never found the consistency needed to be a high-level quarterback in this league. If Chicago didn’t hold the #1 pick, there is a strong likelihood they would keep him for another year. Yet they do, and it appears Poles intends to take advantage of it this time.

The lingering question is which teams out there might make a run at Justin Fields. Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh feel like the most obvious ones to watch. Each has clear voids at the position and isn’t in the best spot to draft one. Washington, New England, Minnesota, Denver, and Tampa Bay could all be involved too. If just three of those listed teams convinced themselves Fields is the best option, it would create a bidding war the Bears are looking for. That should enable Poles to secure the trade package he wants.


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Feb 11, 2024 10:57 am

They’re also lining up to take a run at the Bears OL, But not for trade purposes.

al bundy
al bundy
Feb 11, 2024 10:17 am

I’m glad there’s a lot of interest in Fields. I lost interest in him long ago. The thought of him not being here next year makes me very happy. The thought of getting some good draft picks for him makes me even happier. It would be nice to finally get a top level QB.

Feb 11, 2024 6:59 am

If Fields is on the team March 15th, we will know what the Bears will be doing in the draft. Maybe not who they draft.

Feb 11, 2024 6:16 am

Everyone know that the first overall pick is guaranteed to be a HOFer.

Feb 11, 2024 1:05 am

Slip Knotz- Don’t worry I brought your down votes back to zero 🤣😉. Im really leaning to with ya on the no CW no JF1 in September. I do kinda think poles has something up his sleeve but I’m not sure what? Looking at your rankings I’m thinking the same Daniels-Maye-CW but there are 2 or 3 more that may be in play. We will know a lot more after the combine. I was listening to a podcast that kinda reiterates your main question about how do we beat the packers? The question in the podcast was do we feel… Read more »

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