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Chicago Bears Reportedly Already Receiving Offers For #1 Pick


People out there are already trying to downplay the idea of the Chicago Bears having any market for the #1 overall pick. Don’t believe them. This time of year is called lying season for a reason. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The truth is GM Ryan Poles sits in a great spot. He holds the most coveted pick in the draft, and there are two quarterback-needy teams directly behind him at #2 (Houston) and #4 (Indianapolis). If these quarterbacks impress enough, it will push somebody to get aggressive in their attempts to jump those two.

It might already be happening. Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog has demonstrated rock-solid NFL sources for years. He was first on Ryan Pace getting fired last, for those who don’t remember. He was also far ahead of everybody else on Ted Phillips retiring. So it is important to listen when he says something. Hughes dropped quite a bombshell on Thursday. First is confirmation that the Bears will be sticking with Justin Fields. The quarterback won over the new regime with his play starting in November. They were impressed with his improvement and ability to weather a tough situation without complaining.

Then came the bigger nugget. It seems other teams are already sniffing around the #1 pick.

The Chicago Bears getting interest already is a good sign.

The fact it’s not the Texans or Colts is even more encouraging. That means other teams already know both those franchises are targeting a QB in the draft. The only way to get ahead of them is by snagging the #1 pick. Early assessments would suggest it is likely Atlanta (#8), Carolina (#9), and Tennessee (#11) that are possibly making those calls. Each sorely needs a quarterback and their chances of landing a top veteran appear slim. An under-the-radar possibility is Seattle (#5). Geno Smith is a free agent. They may rather try to land a top rookie than pay him a massive contract extension and have the extra picks to make it happen.

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Either way, the fact the Chicago Bears are already getting calls is a welcome sign. The intensity should pick up around late March once the veteran quarterback market becomes settled. By then, we’ll know which teams must look to the draft for their answer at the position. That is when the phone calls will get serious. Don’t be surprised if there is significant movement to get a deal done by the beginning of April. Poles has no reason to feel rushed. He isn’t the one under pressure in this situation.


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Feb 3, 2023 12:05 pm

Trade down to #4 with Indy. Get there #2 this year and there #1 and #2 next year and Deforest Buckner. Then take who’s left over at #4 either Williams or Carter. If Deforest is a no then maybe Pittman

Feb 3, 2023 10:37 am

if the Texans fall in love with one of the QB’s they will definitely offer the Bears to move up a spot…theyd be foolish to let their division rival Colts jump ahead to potentially land their guy. At #2…the Colts will still offer the Bears for their spot.
Poles gotta be licking his chops.

Feb 3, 2023 10:34 am

The current discussions on what teams need and how much interest there is in the Bears #1 pick are premature. Rumors! If you talk with fans from quarterback needy teams, they think they can get the pick with far less than it will take. And it really doesn’t matter until we get closer to draft day. Then watch and see how much interest happens and what the offers are!

Sam Backus
Sam Backus
Feb 3, 2023 8:52 am

@unluckyirishman – some team will convince themselves that one of these quarterbacks is the answer and overpay as a result. They will probably get burned for it because I don’t believe any of the quarterbacks coming out this year will amount to anything.

Feb 3, 2023 7:25 am

@scott brs…you might be right. Its already been said that these QBs are not gonna be Lawrence or Burrows type prospects and that is gonna hurt the Bears. We are not gonna get the haul people are hoping for. Ryan could bring Jimmy G with him from the 49ers and draft Anderson for his defense. Free agency will bring more light on to what can happen draft time.

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