Sunday, August 14, 2022

Chicago Bears Head Coach Search Said To Be Focused On A Key Trait


Four games remain for the Chicago Bears to play. That includes an imminent Monday night showdown with the Minnesota Vikings. The actual game results don’t seem to matter at this point. It is just one more step the team must take before reaching the end of the season. When that happens, George McCaskey can finally start making changes. All of the focus from most fans remains on Matt Nagy.

His shortcomings as head coach have risen to the forefront over this past year. The ongoing offensive struggles. Curious personnel decisions. Bad game management. It’s one thing after another that continues to show his inadequacies for the job. Fans wanted a change this year but McCaskey elected to keep things the same. Now with the team limping towards an ugly finish, he doesn’t really have a choice this time.

A change has to be made.

The big question on the minds of everybody is what coach will the Bears target to replace him? There is no shortage of names that will be available and likely interested in the job. The initial belief is they will focus on candidates with offensive backgrounds. An easy thing to understand given the presence of Justin Fields at quarterback. However, that doesn’t appear to be their primary requirement at this point.

According to a source, McCaskey isn’t placing a ton of weight in the background of the next coach. While Fields is of course a priority, the team chairman wants “a leader.” Those were the specific words used. There will be no favoritism in the coaching search. Offensive background, defensive background, special teams background, and college background. All options will be considered with a wide open mind.

This is the correct approach for the Chicago Bears to take

Is maximizing Fields a necessity? Of course, it is. However, the common misconception in this is that an offensive-minded head coach is required to achieve that. Of the top seven quarterbacks that currently lead the NFL in touchdown passes this year, three of them play for defensive head coaches. Background shouldn’t matter. It should be about whether the coach understands how to get the most out of every single player and how to assemble a capable staff.

Something Nagy proved unable to do during his run with the Chicago Bears. He had passion, energy, and an ability to motivate guys. However, he lacked other qualities essential to a head coach. Like being able to get the absolute best out of his players. Too often it felt like that wasn’t the case. Especially on the offensive side. It’s fair to wonder if he would’ve lasted this long had he not inherited Vic Fangio as a defensive coordinator in 2018.

Another what-if scenario in a sea of them with this team.

Either way, it’s nice to see McCaskey has the priorities in the right place. This team desperately needs a leader. Somebody that can provide direction and purpose. Now if they can find a proper GM to compliment such a person? Maybe this organization will finally be in business for the first time in forever.

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