Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Chicago Bears Have Rearranged List Of Possible Next Head Coaches


SM reported weeks ago that the Chicago Bears team brass, led by chairman George McCaskey, had begun compiling research on potential head coach candidates. This was in response to the team’s losing streak under Matt Nagy. Not to mention the ongoing struggles of the offense. At 4-7, it appears the Bears are headed in the wrong direction. While Nagy won’t be fired midseason barring a shocking turn of events, his time in Chicago is winding down.

One source checked in this past weekend with an interesting update. While holding interviews with candidates is impossible at present, the belief is McCaskey’s list of possibilities involves as many as nine names. They are separated into two categories. “Serious” options and “Kick the tire” options. In other words, the list of guys they really like and guys they want to know more about.

An interesting approach. It’s at least nice to know they are casting the net wide.

As to which names are on the list? The Bears are keeping that close to the vest. However, it is believed most of the options are coaches with offensive backgrounds with maybe one defensive specialist mixed in. There also might be a pair of college coaches on it as well. This is pure speculation but one can safely assume top offensive coordinators like Buffalo’s Brian Daboll, Dallas’ Kellen Moore, and Baltimore’s Greg Roman are somewhere on that list. All have had success the past couple of years at developing young quarterbacks.

That is something the Bears are focused on. Justin Fields is their future and they must do everything in their power to make him a success. Hiring an offensive-minded head coach makes perfect sense. However, it sounds like the team isn’t going to lock themselves into that approach just yet. Not without at least exploring some other possibilities.

Chicago Bears coaching decision hinges on the GM decision

This is arguably the most important part of the entire process. McCaskey has no football background. He has admitted this multiple times. That is why he views the GM position as the most important in the organization. The person holding that job is in charge of all football operations. They are responsible for hiring the head coach. It is why the status of Ryan Pace matters going into the final month of the season.

While uncertainty still remains on that subject, the belief among some insiders is that Pace will join Nagy out the door in January. The Chicago Bears will seek a clean slate. If that is the case, then the head coaching position will have to wait until McCaskey identifies the next GM. Then it will fall to whoever that ends up being to lead the search. At that point, there is a strong possibility the list of names could undergo adjustments.

Six weeks from now could get hectic.

The prevailing belief is McCaskey will target men with previous experience at both positions. Men with proven track records. He wants to win and is willing to spend whatever is necessary to ensure it moving forward. That is a good thing to hear. Still, it sounds like he is leaving his options open just in case.

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