The Chicago Bears seem content with their quarterback room going into 2020. That’s not a surprise. No matter who wins the upcoming competition between Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky, the team will end up with a quality backup. However, a smart organization always has their eyes looking towards the future. As of now, the Bears have just one QB under contract beyond this season. That’s Foles and he could technically opt to leave in 2021 if he wishes due to an option in his deal.

So why not at least peruse the market for possible options? One name that has gained some traction is former 1st round pick Josh Rosen. Nobody endured a worst start to their NFL career in recent memory than the former UCLA star. That’s not entirely his fault. He was drafted by a terrible team in Arizona in 2018 and then traded to a terrible team in Miami last year. Both run by first-year head coaches. He had no chance.

Now his future with the Dolphins is pretty much clear with the arrival of Tua Tagovailoa. Michael Giardi of NFL Network stated that a number of teams have called about the status of Rosen. Thus far Miami hasn’t been willing to move the QB, but most feel it’s only a matter of when, not if. Tagovailoa is the future and Ryan Fitzpatrick is the present. Rosen has no future on that team.

Could that be different in Chicago?

Chicago Bears have no reason not to explore the Rosen idea

Most people view Rosen as a bust at this point, which isn’t entirely fair. He hasn’t had a chance to even settle into an offensive system before his head coach gets fired or he himself gets benched. He’s only 23-years old. The talent is there. Perhaps coming to a stable locker room loaded with QB specialists on the coaching staff is exactly what is needed to finally coax that obvious potential out of him.

Obviously price tag is the question mark for the Bears. Rosen would cost just over $2.1 million for the 2020 season. Not terrible at all. In terms of compensation via trade? That’s the unknown. It feels like Miami might be holding out for somebody to make a strong offer. However, that isn’t likely to happen. Teams are more liable to just wait for either the price to come down or for the Dolphins to outright cut him.

If the Bears stay patient, they could get him at a bargain price. This would give them tons of flexibility at quarterback and a project worth investing in.