Saturday, June 15, 2024

Caleb Williams Started An Awesome Trend Bears Fans Are Missing


One thing about Caleb Williams that Chicago Bears fans are learning fast is that his personality is in almost direct contrast to Justin Fields. Where the latter was reserved and not known for an outgoing nature, Williams is the opposite. He let loose a joyous roar when the Bears picked him #1 overall in April. He took pictures with the fans and celebrated when Rome Odunze went #9 an hour later. Since coming to Chicago, he has appeared at multiple baseball games and even hung out with fans at a local bar, egging on “Green Bay sucks” chants.

There is something else he’s been doing since the moment he arrived as well. Fans have probably missed it because they have been busy taking in his college highlights, practice clips, and various quotes about his progress. Williams is the same person during his press conferences, showing no signs of discomfort answering questions. He seems honest, thoughtful, and not afraid to jab teammates when needed. Yet the best part comes at the end. Once the questioning is over, Williams gets up and says the same line as he’s leaving every time.

Caleb Williams is certainly enthusiastic.

Name the last quarterback to do anything remotely like this after his press conference. Don’t bother. You’ll never find them. Many college sources said that Williams had a somewhat unique personality. He is comfortable in his own skin and brings relentless positivity to everything he does. Is saying “Da Bears” after every presser a little cringe-worthy? Yes, it is. Does Williams care? Obviously not. He intends to let everybody know he is 100% all in on this organization, including its proud history.

Some people may roll their eyes but ignore them. This is what Bears fans should want. While Fields worked hard to become the franchise quarterback this organization wanted, it never felt like he bought into its identity. That isn’t his fault. It is the way his personality worked. Caleb Williams is different. He wants to embrace the culture of an organization from top to bottom. That includes their iconic sayings. Rest assured, if he starts winning them games, Bears fans will be screaming those words at him every time he appears on the sidewalk.

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Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Jun 15, 2024 1:17 pm

Unlike Dr. Melhus, I try to avoid conflict over critical issues unless directly challenged with disrespect by indignant others.

Badabing Crosby
Badabing Crosby
Jun 15, 2024 9:55 am

The author actually missed the better trend Caleb has started. The Claw!

Jun 15, 2024 9:08 am

The more I hear and see regarding Caleb, the more I believe he may just be able to lead this team on a deep run into the play-offs. One thing is certain, if the Bears make the play-offs, I will not bet against them regardless of who they are playing against. This offense looks to be something as a Bears fan, we have never seen in Chicago and definitely has the talent to be the top scoring offense in the NFL.

Jim Jones
Jun 15, 2024 5:59 am

Man we are so close. Ready to see how this rolls out.

Jun 15, 2024 4:18 am

. How could you not like “The Claw”? That thing looks deadly if used with ill intentions.

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