Saturday, July 13, 2024

Caleb Williams Fired Back At Cole Kmet Over Sore Loser Comments


It hasn’t taken teammates long to realize something about Caleb Williams. He is competitive. Really competitive. His distaste for losing has no limits, and it’s not just with football. The Chicago Bears found that out the hard way when they made a trip to Topgolf for some bonding and fun. It was a battle throughout the action. Unfortunately, Williams wasn’t quite able to claim the top spot. Rather than accept it wasn’t his night, he demanded another round. This kept going until 1 a.m. Cole Kmet had a laugh about it, particularly the fact he won.

Williams was inevitably asked about it during his recent press conference. He smirked and decided to set the record straight: Kmet didn’t win Topgolf; he only beat Williams. Backup quarterback Brett Rypien was the actual winner of the event.

Keep in mind that Williams got animated about a casual fun activity. One can only imagine what he must be like when the stakes are far higher in actual football games. It is also nice to see the communication between the two was clear so there was no misunderstanding.

Caleb Williams will almost certainly seek revenge.

It is a safe bet that this will not be the last round of Topgolf, in which the two play against each other. Revenge is a dangerous lure. If nothing else, teammates got a taste of the person Williams is. Though a tremendous locker room leader, he is also uncompromising when it comes to winning. Once something is on the line, you best get out of his way. That is the kind of person teams love having at the quarterback position. When he is unrelenting in pursuit of winning, it bleeds into the rest of the organization.

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That is undoubtedly why the Bears drafted Caleb Williams in the first place. Here is a young man who took a 4-8 USC to an 11-3 record and won a Heisman in 2022. Then he went 7-5 the next year despite a roster that was so obviously lacking high-end talent. Ryan Poles said he wanted a quarterback you win “because of.” Williams has demonstrated he is that type of guy. His competitive streak might seem annoying at times, but you’ll want it when games are tight and you’re trailing.


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Jun 13, 2024 4:48 am

This article fits right along with an insider says TE Bates maybe a steal for the Bears and then 2 days later they sign back Mecedes Lewis.

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