Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace made their mission clear this offseason. They wanted to find a credible quarterback they could bring in that could create competition at the starting job. They wanted Mitch Trubisky to feel the heat. So they traded for Nick Foles, a proven veteran with a Super Bowl ring. The two battled throughout training camp, going back and forth with strong performances in practice.

Nagy liked what he saw in terms of their work ethic and dedication to push each other. There weren’t a ton of high moments, but then again it’s hard to have them against one of the best defenses in the NFL. All that was left this week was for the coaching staff to make the tough decision. Who is it going to be?

According to Adam Schefter, the plan is for the Bears to ride it out with Trubisky one last time. They clearly want to see if the former #2 pick can turn the corner and revive his sagging career.

Mitch Trubisky won’t have a long leash despite this win

To his credit, Trubisky showed up to camp in terrific shape. He worked tirelessly on his throwing mechanics, specifically his footwork. Something that was a major issue for him last year. There were far fewer mistakes in drills this time around, suggesting he’d gotten better about his decision-making too. There were still familiar hiccups, but it gives one hope he might’ve figured some things out.

That being said, this is no time to celebrate. Foles isn’t going anywhere. The Bears wanted him both for excellent depth at backup but also the knowledge that they could go right to him as a starter if Trubisky flounders. Slow starts to a season has been a regular problem for him in years past. He will have to flip that script in a big way if he wants to show everybody he’s truly changed.