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Bears Rumors Steal Headlines During Super Bowl Week On Press Row


Even the largest event in the NFL, Super Bowl LVIII, hasn’t stopped the endless stream of rumors about the Chicago Bears and what Ryan Poles will do this offseason. Everyone and anyone has an opinion on the future of this organization.

There are two truths amid all the rumors that few seem to understand. The following three months will not only provide a clear path to the future success of this franchise, it will also mark a career-defining time for Ryan Poles.

One of the hottest rumors emanating from press row in Las Vegas connected potential free agent Danielle Hunter to the Bears. The rumors continue to fly regarding the quarterback decision Poles must make to set the course for the next few years.

Danielle Hunter

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This rumor gained steam when ESPN reprter Jeremy Fowler posted this week about Hunter:

The sense I get here in Vegas is that Danielle Hunter will be hard for the Vikings to keep. He will have a very strong market, he turned 29 in October, and several teams had interest at the trade deadline. Chicago could look to add a pass-rusher to complement Montez Sweat in free agency and is very high on Hunter. The Jacksonville Jaguars are another team to watch, though they have to figure out Josh Allen’s future.

Word out of Minnesota is the Vikings would love to retain Hunter but they have other decisions to make. They must make a decision about Kirk Cousins. Do they trade their QB, or let the deadline pass that voids the remaining years of his contract?

Cousins and the Vikings must agree to a new contract structure within the next few weeks or the final four years of his current contract will be automatically voided. The dead cap space reported to be in excess of $28 Million would be accelerated on this year’s cap. The timeng of this contract dilemma presents problems with the Vikings plan for Hunter. If a decision isn’t made before Cousins’ contract voids, it becomes too late for Minnesota to use a Franchise Tag on Hunter.

Does Hunter Fit in Poles’ Plans?

Ryan Poles has chosen to build the Bears through the draft and signed necessary free agents who are under the age of 30. Danielle Hunter will be 30 during the 2024 season.

When the story leaking Hunter to the Bears, fromer long-time scout for Chicago, Greg Gabriel, debunked the idea on his Twitter acount. He was quick to point out that none of the player’s rumored to the Bears during this time last year were ever considered. He also pointed out what Poles has looked for in free agency.

The Quarterback Shuffle Continues

Super Bowl Sunday is here. It has been five weeks since the Bears last played. During these past few weeks rumors have surfaced suggesting all these QBs will start for Chicago in 2024:

  • Justin Fields
  • Justin Herbert
  • Caleb Williams
  • Drake Maye
  • Jayden Daniels
  • J. J. McCarthy

NFL Network reported Ian Rapoport continued to fan the flames around the top overall pick in this year’s draft. He is on record as saying the Bears would require a “Historic haul” to move off the top stop and indications are the Bears will select Caleb Williams.

As of now nothing could be further from the truth. Ryan Poles and his staff are still in the process of “turning every stone” in their decision regarding the quarterback. No decisions will be made until after the top QBs are interviewed at the Combine.

Unfortunately, football fans are constantly drawn to every rumor. But at this time of the year the stories are all the same. Reporters can claim “according to sources” all they want, but finding truth in these rumors is impossible. NFL GMs and their staff aren’t giving away trade secrets.


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Gator Joe
Feb 12, 2024 7:31 am

If Poles is still considering trading down he may just hang on to JF1 for a while. If he gets traded before the draft the plans become much clearer.

Feb 11, 2024 11:31 pm

Oooh, Ian Rappaport “ Iet it slip” OK. Ian not good at keeping secrets he’s in charge of.

Feb 11, 2024 5:29 pm

@Dr Melhus Appreciate your view but teams in need of a QB who do not have a realistic chance at drafting Top 3 QBs will want a QB in place before NFL draft to have a clear focus in their plans for filling remaining needs.

Dr. Melhus
Feb 11, 2024 4:27 pm

@Veece: I disagree about Poles trading Fields before the combine. I think that FA is a zero sum game – every team that gains a QB means another team loses a QB, so that won’t affect the market. Right now there are many QB needy teams and three top QBs on the board. Those many teams will hold out hope that something good happens for them, or they can work out a deal to get one. Once the three are gone, that hope dies for all but three teams, and then they start to get desperate. Michael Pratt, while a… Read more »

Dr. Melhus
Feb 11, 2024 4:15 pm

Michael, With all due respect, if some team offered the Bears their first, second, third, and fourth round picks for this year and the next two years in exchange for the first overall pick this year, Poles would be a fool not to take that. One could draft an entire squad of starters with those picks, and adding them to the Bears regular picks would put them in position to win for a long time. The added incentive is that their trade partner would get worse over time losing those picks, so the final year’s picks would probably be pretty… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Dr. Melhus

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