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Bears Reveal Another Team Almost Robbed Them Of Rome Odunze


Once the NFL draft reached the 5th overall pick, there was a tense atmosphere inside Halas Hall. GM Ryan Poles, head coach Matt Eberflus, and the rest of the war room knew one thing: They wanted Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze. He was the perfect blend of talent and character to fit their vision for the franchise. The problem was the next few picks could see him land in multiple spots. Word came out recently that Poles feared the New York Giants might take him. They weren’t going for a new quarterback, so a wide receiver to help Daniel Jones was the obvious play.

Their two options were Malik Nabers of LSU and Odunze. Marvin Harrison Jr. of Ohio State had already gone to Arizona. Co-director of player personnel Jeff King was confident Nabers was the pick. Time would eventually prove him correct. However, it turns out there was another team Poles was nervous about. The Bears were confident the Los Angeles Chargers would take a tackle at #5. That meant it was either Joe Alt of Notre Dame or JC Latham of Alabama. If the Chargers went with Latham, assistant GM Ian Cunningham was confident the Tennessee Titans would take Alt at #7.

However, if the Chargers went with Alt, he worried there was a possibility the Titans would trade down. That would enable someone to jump in front of the Bears for Odunze. Everything was caught on camera during the latest episode of 1920 Football Drive.

Everybody celebrated once Rome Odunze got past Atlanta at #8.

There was still a possibility they might trade down as well, but the Bears seemed pretty confident that was unlikely. That is why their calculations gave them a 77% chance of landing Odunze after Tennessee selected Latham. Once Michael Penix went to the Falcons, the room erupted in cheers and handshakes. Team president Kevin Warren praised Poles for staying patient and not sacrificing any extra assets to go after the guy he wanted. The Bears GM trusted his information and landed his new quarterback another weapon.

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That entire video is an incredible look into how teams function during a draft. Everybody is nervous. It is a constant whirlwind of communication, talking through endless scenarios and figuring out what to do if this or that happens. From the start, the Bears’ Plan A was Williams and Odunze. Thankfully, the board fell exactly as they hoped it would. It would’ve been interesting to see what Poles might’ve done if the wide receiver was gone.


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May 25, 2024 4:17 pm

Hey TGena, just a quick thought.
A dictator like Parcells more than likely wouldn’t have been swayed on draft day. We know Pace would have gone against the grain without consulting his staff with the final call. At least Poles has built that team environment around him. When Ian does leave, it might make it a little easier to replace him.

Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
May 25, 2024 8:11 am

Given the above comments, let me reiterate my concern for the OL. Even though DL appears to be the bigger need, which line’s mediocrity will get Caleb either injured or be made less effective?

May 25, 2024 7:00 am

I remember hoping Poles would come in and be our RG. He’s the best thing that has happened to this complacent franchise in 20+ years, until the kid he just drafted came along. CW will be limited by health. The best thing we can do is protect him.
Indy got Luck killed, then threw AR out there last year to get killed, too. No way he was ready to play. I have no agenda. My shizz is tight…

May 25, 2024 6:48 am

@jmscooby — Ian Cunningham “lost out” to Ran Carthon (Titans), Adam Peters (Commanders), Joe Hortiz (Chargers) and Eliot Wolf (Patriots) — all, after he blabbed all over the NFL (or, at least to Jay Glazer) that he (Cunningham) not only, withdrew his name from consideration of the Arizona Cardinals (didn’t he know who they were before he visited the desert?) — but, that he turned down the Cardinals’ offer — and then, clueless Michael Bidwill hired Monti Ossenfort. Glazer intimated that Cunningham also turned down the Titans’ offer (I guess Cunningham just wanted the airline miles, at the time, huh?).… Read more »

May 25, 2024 3:54 am

First of all, TGena, it was the Patriots’ mistake for not hiring Ian this off-season. You most definitely have an agenda against Poles. No question there. I bet when Ian does get a gig, he’s going to bring in his right hand man/woman to reign him in during draft w/e, too. That is a fluid w/e where you better hold on tight. When the draft ended in ’23, I had already done some research for ’24, and the one guy I wanted was Odunze. When the draft started in ’24, the one guy I didn’t want was Odunze. The crazy… Read more »

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