Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bears Players Actually Wished Matt Nagy Good Luck When Firing Report Surfaced


If you want a true idea of how rudderless the Chicago Bears organization is right now? Just get a load of the details that keep coming out in the wake of the report that head coach Matt Nagy was getting fired following today’s game in Detroit. It started off with special teams coach Chris Tabor being the first one to actually meet with the media. Then Nagy himself stepped forward to deny the rumors were.

Then after his press conference, Brad Biggs of the Tribune reported that Nagy had to meet with George McCaskey himself to get assurances it wasn’t true. Then the head coach met with the players, all of whom had heard the rumors by that point, to clarify the situation. However, it appears his message didn’t quite get across as intended. According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports NFL, the solemn way in which Nagy delivered his speech had many thinking the rumors were true. As a result, multiple players and coaches went up to him to say it had been great working with him.

An absolutely hilarious side effect of this entire fiasco.

All one can do is laugh at this entire situation. Some have theorized that the initial report of Matt Nagy being fired was true but once it leaked the McCaskeys were forced to backtrack. That seems like a stretch but it underscores how little control they seem to have over this entire situation. Now even if they did want to fire Nagy before the end of the season, they can’t do it. If they did they would look like liars in front of the entire national landscape.

Basically, they’re stuck with Nagy for the rest of the season. That should make for an enjoyable next six weeks. The “Fire Nagy” chants have already spread across multiple sports. Imagine how much louder they’ll get if the team keeps losing. Either way, kudos to the Bears players for being classy toward their head coach even if the report proved untrue.

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