Sunday, May 22, 2022

Bears Mailbag — Can Chicago Make The Playoffs In 2022?


SEATTLE — After a wild, ugly and ultimately disappointing loss to the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field on Monday Night Football, the Chicago Bears were eliminated from playoff contention.

Not that there was much doubt, honestly.

Alas, here we are, with three games left in the death march of the Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace era.  Listen to our take on it all on @clubdub_podcast:

With games against Seattle, NYG and Minnesota remaining, hopefully Justin Fields and some of the youngsters can show sufficient progress.

With that, let’s reach into this week’s Bears Mailbag.  Follow me on Twitter @DhruvKoul to continue the conversation.

Bears Mailbag

To elaborate on this, now that the 7th seed in the Wild Card is here to stay, look at some of the teams in contention for that final spot: Washington, Philadelphia, Minnesota, New Orleans, Atlanta.

None of these are very good teams.

Even San Francisco in the 6th spot is 8-6 so far after starting the year poorly.

With Aaron Rodgers’ future up in the air in Green Bay, you’re realistically looking at the NFC North being wide open if he leaves.

There’s no reason the Bears can’t be in contention next year, as long as they are able to fix the offense.

They have a lot of important hires to make this offseason to get them on the right track.  They have to rebuild their WR room.  They have to stabilize the offensive line (re-sign James Daniels, figure out the Center position).  They have to make some decisions at TE.

But all in all, Justin Fields *must* progress.

If all those things can happen, the Bears can absolutely compete for the playoffs next year.

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