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Brian Urlacher Files For Emergency Custody Of Son After Stepfather’s Death


Moments ago, David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune released a report that former Bears linebacker and future Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher has taken temporary custody of his son following the death of the child’s stepfather.

On Monday, a judge granted Urlacher’s request, which he filed as an emergency motion in a Cook County courtroom. Urlacher’s son Kennedy has since joined Brian, his wife and their two daughters at their home in Arizona.

Tragic & Suspicious

The Bears legend shares joint custody of Kennedy with Tyna Robertson, Kennedy’s mother. On December 29, Robertson’s husband Ryan Karageorge died from a gunshot wound following a birthday party at their home in Willow Springs. In his motion for custody, Urlacher cited “suspicious circumstance” surrounding the shooting incident but would not go into further detail when reached for comment.

“This is an unfortunate situation, but my main concern is the best interests of my son.” – Brian Urlacher

According to reports from Willow Springs police, the gun fired as Karageorge was attempting to unload it. That sounds like an unfortunate accident, but Robertson’s behavior following the shooting bothered Urlacher, per his petition for custody. Kennedy was with Urlacher in Arizona when the shooting occurred. When Kennedy heard what happened from his cousin via Snapchat, he called his mother for confirmation. Urlacher attested in his petition that Robertson sounded “happy and cheerful” over the phone, and claimed that her husband had died in a car crash. It wasn’t until the next morning that Robertson admitted to Urlacher that Karageorge shot himself after the two got into a heated argument.

Urlacher’s lawyers argued that it was in Kennedy’s best interest to be removed from Robertson’s care.

“The environment with Tyna is a serious endangerment to the child’s mental, moral or physical health, and if the child is required to return to Tyna’s care, it will significantly impair his emotional development.” – Brian Urlacher’s Attorney

Urlacher and Robertson have had custody battles over Kennedy in the past. There is a hearing scheduled on March 9 to revisit the judge’s ruling and review the results of the investigation.

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