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Albert Breer Says One Player Is Holding Up The Justin Fields Market


Justin Fields is in a holding pattern. The Chicago Bears clearly aim to trade him, but the market hasn’t materialized as hoped. Rather than accept a lower offer, GM Ryan Poles has chosen to wait things out. He wants to see what happens in free agency with other top names on the market. Where they end up could help Fields’ value. Chicago already got some good news on Sunday with Baker Mayfield re-signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That takes one big name off the market, narrowing the options for QB-needy teams.

Albert Breer of the MMQB believes the name to watch in all of this is Kirk Cousins. The former Pro Bowler might stay in Minnesota, but there is a line of teams ready to pursue him once free agency begins. Among them is the Atlanta Falcons, who have multiple connections to the veteran inside the organization. Breer believes they will make a full-court press to sign him once the negotiating period opens. However, if that doesn’t succeed, they have a backup plan.

“As for the Falcons, they’re lurking as the team expected to be most aggressive in going after outside veteran options at quarterback. I’d expect a spirited run at Cousins, particularly with Baker Mayfield off the market. They have the space to work with, and an attractive situation to lure Cousins. And if they strike out there, I think a trade with Chicago for Justin Fields could be in play.”

Justin Fields has suitors, but he seems to be their Plan B.

While humbling from his perspective, the fact remains the market is still out there. It comes down to whether Cousins throws a wrench in those plans by going to Atlanta. If he does, the number of landing spots for Fields drops. Staying in Minnesota or even signing with the Denver Broncos, who are also planning a push, would be ideal. That means the Falcons and probably the Pittsburgh Steelers would be ready to go after Fields. Russell Wilson might also play a smaller factor in how this plays out.

The bottom line is don’t expect any news on Justin Fields when free agency begins. He is in a holding pattern until Cousins makes his decision, whenever that ends up being. It could be a day or two into the new league year, or it could be a week. Until then, the Bears will focus their attention on other roster matters. Once the domino falls, the Fields market should get in motion. We don’t know how much Poles hopes to get for him, but a safe assumption is a Day 2 pick, at least.

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Mar 12, 2024 11:34 am

@Blockwood….Cousins choosing Atlanta notwithstanding, I agree with you all the way down the line, especially about them taking MH2. While trading to two and grabbing draft capital and then trading down to three and getting draft capital is the ideal scenario to do that, it’s not likely that they’re going to be able to accomplish both of those. If both Washington and New England are really crazy about getting Williams, as opposed to any of the other first round likely quarterback picks, then the Bears probably only get one shot at it. They either move to three, which has a… Read more »

Mar 11, 2024 8:27 pm

Wrong again….

Mar 11, 2024 5:57 pm

Cousins signed with Atlanta earlier today. That means Minnesota is top of the list now. Since Fields is so bad that shouldn’t be a problem.

Mar 11, 2024 12:15 pm

So, all the top FA QB’s are where they probably should be. Mayfield got his, Pittsburg got theirs, MN will probably get Cousins back too. So waiting it out, like Poles has, is moving JF1 interest back to the top, and creating the urgency and panic he hoped for. The price for Fields stands! Give up a 2nd round, and a third day pick at minimum. IMO I still prefer MHJ, with a move down to #2, then down to #3. Take the draft capital and complete the rebuild. Bears are in good shape already with the FA additions, for… Read more »

Mar 11, 2024 11:29 am

I think the most important thing that happened today is that Pittsburgh took Wilson and NE traded their starter. Why do I get the creepy feeling that they did that to open the spot for a trade with the Bears. Not for JF1, but the pick. My reasoning: Only reason to trade Mac Jones now was to ensure that the Jags didn’t fill their backup roll first. Otherwise, they had the same amount of time the Bears do to trade Fields, no rush get the best deal possible. Second, maybe the Jags took Jones because he cost less draft capital… Read more »

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