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Adam Schefter Hints Who The Actual Leader For Justin Fields Is


The rumors around Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears hit overdrive at the start of the scouting combine. One thing has become clear over the past few days. What everybody thought was the truth turned out to be wrong. One of those was the perception that the Atlanta Falcons were the heavy favorite to trade for Fields. That doesn’t appear to be the case. While they do have some interest in the young quarterback, it appears they’re more focused on the two top free agents, Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield.

If that is the case, it raises the obvious question of where Fields might land. Adam Schefter of ESPN offered some insight on that during a Sportscenter segment.

“There’s been a lot of speculation on Atlanta,” Schefter said. “I think Atlanta will be something of a surprise right now to trade for Justin Fields. There’s been some conversation about the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maybe something can be figured out there.

“The Las Vegas Raiders might have some interest, but there’s not this huge number of teams lined up to trade for Justin Fields as the Bears look to find a home for him before free agency begins in about 10 days.”

Pittsburgh put out word in the media that they aren’t interested in Fields, but it appears that is only a front. Some in the organization like the young quarterback. Head coach Mike Tomlin has deep ties to Ohio State. It appears they are willing to negotiate a deal, but perhaps the compensation isn’t where the Bears want it to be. That likely means one of two things will happen.

The Bears will trade him for less than they want, or they will hold out for more.

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Bears may choose the patient approach with Justin Fields.

GM Ryan Poles said he’d prefer to make a decision on this issue by the start of free agency. That is March 13th. Maybe something will change in that time, but it seems most teams will see what happens with the free agent market. Cousins and Mayfield will get plenty of interest. Russell Wilson could likely join them if Denver cuts him. Much of this will depend on where all of them land. Once the dust settles, the Bears will better understand what the quarterback market is going into the draft.

The odds are good that a few teams won’t be picking high enough to draft somebody. That will force them to consider Justin Fields. At that point, Poles will have more leverage. He knows desperation drives the price up. The only thing required from him is patience. Chicago isn’t under any immediate pressure to trade Fields. They can easily afford his contract this year. This can be drawn all the way out to May when the 5th-year option deadline arrives. It is hard to imagine one or two teams don’t make a hard push by then.


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Mar 4, 2024 10:09 pm

@jmscooby I completely agree with you on everything here. I would point out that Poles has not had a true chance to focus on the center position because of all the other more pressing needs and so I feel this is the offseason to do so. Your honest opinion is completely correct (IMHO) and I agree we can do better at QB. The process to getting there is just different for us. I feel that trading the pick will fix things much more efficiently and with Poles’s process of stockpiling picks we will probably have great draft after great draft… Read more »

Mar 4, 2024 8:10 pm

Indy’s defense was similar, mediocre all season to gel in time to beat us in the SB in ’06. I know nothing, but I’d keep it simple and get the most important position right. We never have. We need a quick processor for the West Coast offense, which is designed to give the QB an option on every play. The snag, spot, and stick routes. The 49ers won a championship on the stick route. It’s making the defender commit and the QB needs to process that quickly. This is not a strength of JF. The majority of his (limited) snaps… Read more »

Mar 4, 2024 6:55 pm

@jmscooby Hmm, that’s very interesting. I do wonder where he got his PAK stat. He feels like the type of guy who would pull it from PFF or something but I guess that’s not a stat they have all in one. I’m with you in wanting to break down the stat with him. I would genuinely go comment on his videos to ask. He has a small enough channel he would probably see it and might tell you. Heck, I might do it. Justin leaving the pocket I think he cleared up in his video. Again 5:35 in the video… Read more »

Mar 4, 2024 5:51 pm

JD, he doesn’t define how he gets his PAK stat, it’s just “any perceived pressure”. That’s a very broad spectrum, and subjective. Is it when the QB is contacted? A defender beating his man? The QB leaving the pocket? If it’s the last, I can see the guy doubling his number because Fields is so skittish in the pocket. But JF is a one read only QB. He does not make contested throws. He does not throw guys open. His numbers were skewed because he never challenges throwing windows. He definitely doesn’t use his physical tools to hang in the… Read more »

Mar 4, 2024 5:21 pm

I’m not sure how you know it’s made up but go ahead trust your eyes. You may very well be right! I understand what you mean about subjective for sure. I just think it applies in that scenario.

Don’t be surprised if we stick with Fields. I won’t be, but I’ll ride the other way too because I really don’t know what will happen.

You work with players? That’s dope!

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