When Jordan Love became the 1st round pick for the Green Bay Packers back in April, it immediately began the speculation. How much longer does Aaron Rodgers have with that team? Love is no threat to him right now but it’s plainly obvious the Packers started the clock ticking on his time there. Experts believe he’ll likely be gone by 2022. This led to an obvious question.

If and when he does leave, where will he go next?

Given some of the rumors around the team, there is a belief Rodgers is not happy with team management. There is animosity over ill-treatment of him. Namely an unwillingness to invest more resources in helping him on offense. Now they’re planning to cast him aside like they did Brett Favre all those years ago. So naturally, people think he might go the Favre route and find his way back to the NFC North and join a rival. Some even think that could end up being the Chicago Bears.

Kyle Brandt of Good Morning Football, a prominent Bears fan, had the Packers great on his “10 Questions” podcast. He couldn’t resist asking the question. Could Rodgers see himself in a Bears uniform? The QB’s reply was vague but not an outright decline either.

“Oh, man,” he said with a laugh. “That’s a tough thought right there.”

Hopefully the Bears won’t need Aaron Rodgers in 2022

A lot of Bears fans can’t stomach the idea of Rodgers ever wearing navy blue. Not a surprise given how many times he’s broken their hearts over the years. It would just feel too unnatural. Yet the possibility is hard to ignore. Rodgers has always loved playing at Soldier Field. Brian Urlacher was his favorite player to go against. If they could find the money and he could reach the market, anything is possible.

Yet one thing people overlook is obvious. The Bears would preferably not have to need quarterback help in 2022. Hopefully, they’ll have found a solution by that point. Granted, that’s asking a lot given their history. Hence why the speculation is taken so seriously. Rodgers is the one who will control the narrative one way or another. For the time being, all the Bears can do is focus on finding a way to beat him.