Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Why The Packers Still Have Value To Win The NFC North


All you hear right now in NFL circles across the nation is the incredible story that Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers legend and defending NFL MVP, wants out of Green Bay. The story was broke by Adam Schefter just before the 2021 NFL Draft, a curious time for the story to come out mind you, and it immediately had people running around at the sportsbooks. The Denver Broncos apparently were close to a deal with the Packers, but that report was shot down very quickly by Green Bay. The organization has been very adamant that they have zero intention of trading the superstar QB and want him to remain a Packer for the entirety of his career.

Of course, mixed up in all the craziness is the value that has now peaked at sportsbooks on the Packers to win the NFC North and the Super Bowl in 2021. Bettors were slamming the Denver Broncos futures as soon as that report came out that they were trying to acquire him, causing their Super Bowl chances to go from 60/1 all the way down to 20/1. Meanwhile, this has made the Packers futures market value go up significantly.

No Guarantee Rodgers Leaves

Green Bay is now only -125 to win the NFC North in 2021. We have all heard the reports that Rodgers has said he is never playing for the Packers again, seemingly crushing the hopes and dreams of their fans everywhere. However, he is still under contract with the team, and the Packers organization is going to do whatever it takes to mend the relationship with their QB and change his mind about playing for them in 2021. There has been no verbal trade demand by the disgruntled Rodgers, nor has there been any confirmed trade talks between another team and the Packers. At this point, everything that has been said is a rumor. Now at only -125, what if these rumors are just that? This is incredible value should Rodgers actually stay with the team.

Big Payday If You Fade The Noise

Before the rumors, the Packers were an absolutely massive favorite to win the NFC North at -250. With Rodgers on the team, the Packers would dump truck that division. The Chicago Bears, who we all know and love, could be the second-best team in the division with either Andy Dalton or a rookie QB on the field. The Minnesota Vikings still have a terrible defense and Kirk Cousins at QB, while the Lions are a dumpster fire with a head coach that wants to bust kneecaps. This would be a case of fading the rumors that are going around and not buying into Rodgers leaving the division. The market is reacting to rumors right now and we have numbers like this without any real evidence or substance that they are true.

Make Sure To Line Shop

I can’t express enough how important it is to get the best of a number. Shop around at different books to see what numbers you can get on the Packers to win the North. DraftKings offers some great value right now, but be sure to check out FanDuel and BetMGM. Wherever you can get the best number, it’s worth a bet that Rodgers stays put.

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Graduated magna cum laude from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a degree in sports journalism. Lifelong Chicago sports fan and avid gambler. Not afraid to take the under.

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