Well, you can’t really say this is a big surprise considering we all already knew Theo Epstein was most likely going to depart from the Cubs following the 2021 season, but it doesn’t it’s not still a shock to the system.

The Theo Epstein era for the Cubs is over.

So, with Epstein gone the Cubs have bumped Jed Hoyer up to the president of baseball operations.

This will be Jed’s show now, as he’ll be receiving a contract extension.

And if you want to be really cynical and pessimistic about this offseason, then you’re probably thinking that Epstein’s early departure means ownership is going to demand even more cuts to payroll.

There have been way too many conversations the past month whether or not certain players will be non-tendered by the Cubs simply for financial reasons and well, what if Theo just didn’t want to put up with the BS from owners in the third-biggest market in MLB?

Theo might just be the first beloved figure from the Cubs to leave this winter.

However, with Hoyer taking over, it’s not like the Cubs are drastically taking a new direction anyway. Maybe Epstein leaving simply confirms what is going to occur during the next few months for the Cubs.