Ahead of tonight’s Draft, the Bulls have already been rumored to be interested in acquiring the #2 pick. Now there’s talk about the Bulls looking to grab the #1 pick instead. The Bulls have reportedly been working with the Timberwolves to trade for the #1 pick.

Bulls management has been quiet on who they like in this year’s draft. There’s been plenty of speculation that the team plans to move up in the draft. It appears that the Bulls might be dead set on one player in particular and it’s going to take them moving up in order to get him. Who the player is, remains the #1 question.

Are the Bulls all in on LaMelo?

As rumors started to spread last week one came out about the Bulls being all-in on Illawara PG LaMelo Ball. However, at this stage, it doesn’t appear that LaMelo is the guy for the Bulls. LaMelo recently let the media know that he did not work out for the Bulls ahead of the draft.

This leads one to believe that the Bulls wouldn’t be trading into the #1 spot to take LaMelo. Crazier things have happened but without an official workout for the team, it would be hard to see them making this move.

Could the Bulls be looking to get James Wiseman?

The next logical reason the Bulls would be trying to trade for the #1 pick would be to grab Memphis Center James Wiseman before the Golden State Warriors can. It was rumored earlier today that the Bulls and Warriors were working out a trade to swap picks. The trade talks apparently involved the Bulls giving up Center Wendell Carter Jr. and the #4 pick to obtain the #2 pick. If the Bulls are looking to leapfrog the Warriors without giving up Carter Jr. this would be the way to do so. In this scenario, the Bulls could potentially be looking to move someone like PF Lauri Markkanen and the #4 pick in order to move up to #1. Doing this would give them a potential dynamic big man duo in Carter Jr and Wiseman. This is just a possible trade scenario with many other options being possible.

Is Anthony Edwards the #1 pick?

The final reason why the Bulls would be trying to move up would be to grab Georgia G Anthony Edwards. He has been projected as the #1 pick in the draft by many in the media. If the Bulls are deadset on Edwards this is probably the only way they can get him. However, this is another scenario where the Bulls haven’t had much work with him. Edwards said he only worked out with Minnesota, Golden State, and Charlotte. If Edwards were the guy for the Bulls then you would assume they would have at least had a workout for the team.

What would the Bulls need to give up?

It has been rumored all week that the Timberwolves had an interest in getting rid of the #1 pick. The Bulls calling to inquire about getting the pick is not out of the question. The Bulls have a lot of young pieces currently. The Timberwolves appear to be looking for a player they can plug in to make a championship run. At this time I don’t know if the Bulls have anyone to fit that. Like I said earlier they may be looking for someone like Markkanen to compliment Center Karl-Anthony Towns and PG D’Angelo Russell.

If they are looking to offload the pick then maybe they will take a package that includes guard Tomas Satoransky and a young bench player along with the #4 pick. There are a lot of packages that are possible, it just depends on what the Timberwolves are looking for.

The Bulls swing for the fences

Every rumor that’s coming out is pointing to the Bulls making a big move. A move to the #1 spot would be huge for this franchise. However, this is one of the worst draft classes in quite some time. This isn’t a draft where the #1 pick is unanimous. This move could be a huge risk depending on what the Bulls have to give up. The Bulls franchise hasn’t been known to take many risks but under new management, we may see that change. This Bulls franchise is looking to make its way back to glory. If management believes there’s a player in this draft that will get them there then surely we will see them make a move.