The 2020 NBA Draft is one day away and rumors are starting to heat up. The Bulls haven’t let anything slip about who they want in this year’s draft. We’ve heard countless names and trade possibilities. One thing remains true, the Bulls haven’t said anything. Today another Bulls draft rumor came to the surface and it involves Florida State Forward Patrick Williams.

A week ago Patrick’s name popped up as someone the Bulls may be targeting with their #4 pick. This week that is being bolstered and people are starting to believe he might be the guy for the Bulls. He conducted a workout with the Bulls recently which certainly helps give some credibility to the rumors.

A league source even said that the Bulls already told Williams that they plan to draft him. While we can’t determine the validity of that it’s clear that the Bulls definitely have interest in him.

The uncertainty of this years draft

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This year’s draft is a strange one. Although there are never any guarantees when it comes to the draft this year’s draft doesn’t even truly have a #1 guy. One day away from the draft and there’s still debate over who should go #1. Beyond just the first pick in the draft, this class by all accounts appears to be weak. There are a lot of players that are projected to be good role players but no true stars. We all know that anything can happen and anyone of these players could turn out to be a star. But ahead of the draft, it appears to be a very weak draft class. This is the reason why we see guys who normally would be drafted at the end of the first early or second round landing in the top 10.

So is Patrick Williams at #4 too high?

In any normal draft class, I would say absolutely. In his one season with Florida St. 9.2 PPG, 4 RPG, 45.9 %FG, & 32 %3FG. His stats were alright, not great. But he has something that the stats don’t always show. He’s a freakish athlete.

Williams is a solid defender and he makes his presence known on the court. His potential is sky high and he’s an intriguing prospect. He is listed at 6’8″ and 225 lbs and can be a combo forward for this team. There are questions surrounding where his ceiling is as an offensive scorer for the team. However, under the right coach that could change.

Who should we expect the Bulls to pick at #4?

This is still completely up in the air. Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Artūras Karnišovas and General Manager Marc Eversley has not let much slip regarding the draft.

marc eversleyHowever, as we get closer to the draft we can start to put some stock into these rumors. If these Bulls insiders are continuously hearing the same name it might just be true. Based on some of the Bulls moves that were made this week it looks like the team may be looking to grab a guard in this draft. However, they can fill that need via the trade market or a cheap free agent. The rumored list of prospects tied to the Bulls has been growing daily. Although we keep coming back to a few names. The Bulls could still draft anyone or make a trade. We have to wait and see what Karnišovas has planned for tomorrow night.