Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Justin Fields Does This Right Before Every Game


The television was turned to YouTube, on a Chicago Bears loop. I failed to note the interviewer; perhaps it was Hoge & Jahns? Paraphrasing, Justin Fields was asked if he does anything compelling right before kickoff. Any superstitions, routines, or specific rituals?

No Hocus Pocus, Just a Steely Focus

In my opinion, Justin doesn’t do anything wacky or weird before Bears games. Before every match, Justin Fields has a conversation.  No, he doesn’t frantically call Brandon Marshall or Micheal Vick. Relax, “Get Off My Lawn” Chicago Bears fan.  Justin doesn’t text Ryan Day for any pregame pointers. Instead, before each game, Justin Fields talks to God.

Justin Prays, and I’m Here For It

Was I the only Bears fan who ventured that Justin Fields is indeed blessed and highly favored with such abundant talent, as they say?  When Fields told the interviewer that he prays right before each game, I was not surprised. Noted rivals and at least one fumbling teammate wear ornate custom diamond chains with sparkly charms on the gridiron. Fields wears a simple golden crucifix. Perhaps Fields’ unwavering confidence and fiercely competitive nature both arose from faith in not only his exceptional abilities but in a higher power.

Besides, the Bears are Due For a Miracle 

1985 seems 100 years ago nowadays. Hence, Justin Fields isn’t the only one in Chicago praying before each Bears game.  Since Justin indicated that prayer is essential before each game, let us suppose God not only hears Justin but answers his pleas. I don’t know about you, but I’m here for it. Let the Dallas Cowboys be America’s Team all they want. The Chicago Bears are bidding to become God’s Team.

Justin can be Moses, leading these Chicago Bears out of their decades-long, woeful wilderness of mediocrity. Or how about Justin as David, destined to destroy the putrid green and yellow Goliath we’ve all agreed to hate, sooner rather than later. Consider Justin as Daniel, soon to be thrown into a pit of desperate Detroit Lions.

We could even cast Justin Fields as an entirely secular dual-threat, Jake and Elwood Blues. Justin could very well be in Chicago on a direct mission from God, not to save an orphanage, but solely here to lead the Beloved to their subsequent Super Bowl victory. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.

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Worked over 29 years under the umbrella of Public Health. Born on the South Side of Chicago. Bought my first electric guitar in 2011; started composing beats in 2013. Chicago Sports Junkie.

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