Chicago Bears Considering Lamar Jackson-Style Draft Trade

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Apr 26, 2018; Arlington, TX, USA; Lamar Jackson (Louisville) is selected as the number thirty-two overall pick to the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Making a splash at quarterback is something the Chicago Bears need to consider. As of right now, the team hasn’t done that. Andy Dalton is a decent enough player but he’s not somebody who is going to generate ticket sales. Trading for Russell Wilson certainly would but that doesn’t seem likely at this point. It seems like their only option left would be to trade up from #20 overall to try and grab one of the top five quarterbacks in the 1st round.

Yet even this doesn’t seem possible. Thanks to a huge trade by San Francisco, they now hold the #3 overall pick. Expectations are the top three picks will all be quarterbacks with Trevor Lawrence going #1, Zach Wilson #2, and whoever the 49ers want #3. That would leave just two other QBs. One of which could then immediately go to Atlanta at #4 with Matt Ryan being 36-years old. Then there is Carolina lingering as well.

There is a good chance the first five QBs in the draft are gone by the 8th pick.

Given this reality? The price would be astronomical for the Bears to trade up high enough to get one. It just doesn’t seem feasible. So what do they do? Most assume they’re just going to settle back, get the best player they can at #20 and see how the draft falls. Logical enough thinking. However, it doesn’t solve the initial problem.

How do they make a splash?

According to a source, there is one method they’re considering that hasn’t been talked about. The Baltimore Ravens employed it back in 2018. That year they took the best offensive player on their board at 25th overall in tight end Hayden Hurst. Then they jumped back up from the 2nd round to the 32nd pick to grab quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Chicago is contemplating a similar maneuver. Baltimore held the 52nd pick in the 2nd round that year. The Bears hold the 52nd pick this year. The Ravens ended up giving the Philadelphia Eagles a 4th round pick and a future 2nd round pick in exchange for #32 and a 4th round pick. That is likely the sort of price they’d be looking at if they wanted to jump back into the bottom of the 1st round.

Chicago Bears research on “Day 2” QBs may have ulterior motive

It is possible they’ve been researching them trying to figure out which they believe would be worth taking that early. Making a splash isn’t the primary reason GM Ryan Pace would do this. It would enable the Bears to secure their possible long-term quarterback to a 1st round contract, which automatically includes a 5th-year option. Something that can be quite valuable if the player turns out to be really good.

So if they did it, who would the quarterback be? The source isn’t as sure about that but the name they mentioned that seems to have gained momentum at Halas Hall is Kellen Mond of Texas A&M. What makes that name intriguing is his pro day just happened and he had some interesting words to say about his meeting with the Chicago Bears. It seems they’ve been in contact with him a lot.

Mond has is one of the more intriguing sleepers in this draft class.

He’s highly experienced, having played/started 46 games for the Aggies since 2017. During that time, he has shown steady improvement with 2020 being his best year. In 10 starts, he threw for 2,282 yards, 19 touchdowns, and just three interceptions. He also ran for 294 yards and four touchdowns. Experts view him as a dual-threat type who makes good decisions and throws accurate passes. His pocket poise took the most notable step forward this year. The confidence was clearly there. Lance Zierlein of compared him to Colin Kaepernick.

If Mond is indeed the target, he has 1st round talent. It’s a question of whether he can learn to embrace a more pass-first offensive style with lots of deep strikes. Something he didn’t do a lot in college. Getting to learn behind Andy Dalton would be ideal for him. So this plan, if it proves accurate isn’t a terrible one. It also wouldn’t cost the team nearly as much in future draft capital.

SOURCE© Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
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