The NFL now has six openings at the head coaching position this offseason. One of the largest in recent memory. This after the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Los Angeles Chargers all dismissed their current coaches. So there are plenty of opportunities out there. One would imagine the Chicago Bears aren’t getting much attention in that regard.

This might not necessarily be the case. A source informed SM that some prospective coaches are biding their time. They want to see what will happen with head coach Matt Nagy within the next week. While the Bears did make the playoffs, they did it with an 8-8 record coming off another blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers. Their reward is a trip down to New Orleans where the Saints should have all of their offensive firepower back healthy.

What happens if they get blown out again?

Rumors have persisted that Nagy is likely safe for another year but nothing is set in stone. Looking inferior two weeks in a row to two of the best teams in the NFC probably won’t endear the head coach to ownership. This could explain why some coaches might be waiting to make final decisions on their own plans until after this coming Sunday.

Two names mentioned were Jim Harbaugh and Pat Fitzgerald. They’ve been connected to the Bears for weeks ever since Nagy went on the hot seat. What makes this interesting is the timing. Harbaugh is reportedly close to an extension through 2026 at Michigan but hasn’t signed it yet. Fitzgerald for the first time in his coaching career is reportedly considering the idea of taking interviews from certain teams.

The belief around the NFL is he views the Bears job as his ideal option.

Chicago Bears haven’t openly committed to anything yet

Reports have varied and George McCaskey is the only one who can offer clarity. Yet he’s not talking. Yet it remains interesting he hasn’t come out with any sort of vocal support for either Nagy or GM Ryan Pace. This would seem to suggest that neither can consider themselves safe despite this second postseason appearance in three seasons. It’s not like the Bears have looked any better than last year.

They finished with the exact same record. This after starting 5-1, don’t forget. They then lost six-straight before a fortunate break in the schedule against Houston, Minnesota, and Detroit enabled them to prevent a complete meltdown. Yet the moment they ran into another good team? They got ushered off the field with a firm reminder they aren’t anywhere near that level.

This is the team Pace built. It’s the team Nagy coaches.

The Chicago Bears are average. Last we heard the McCaskeys have no interest in just being average. This is why the possibility of changes at the top are still quite possible. Another crushing loss in New Orleans could make it probable. If the decision is made to move on, it appears there are a number of coaches out there who will have interest in the job.