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bears madden

Complete Bears Madden Rankings Come With Lots of Controversy

The rumored Chicago Bears Madden rankings have been a source of major debate. However, the official numbers still hadn't come out so it was difficult to get a feel for where the developers actually...
matt nagy and ryan pace

League Sources See Chicago Bears 2018 Offseason as #1

People often separate NFL offseason into sections. Who hired the best coach? Who signed the best free agents and of course who had the best draft? Except only when those three are combined can...
bears free agents

Two Prominent Bears Free Agents Looking Less Likely to Return

The priority list of Chicago Bears free agents seemed set in stone back in January. After a new coaching staff arrived, things are rapidly changing.
jim mcmahon

Jim McMahon Uncorks Crazy Mike Ditka Super Bowl Betting Story

Jim McMahon is never shy about speaking his mind, especially when Mike Ditka is the subject matter. He just delivered another Super Bowl nugget.
mitch trubisky plays

The 3 Vital Mitch Trubisky Plays That Won Chicago the Game

The Chicago Bears victory in Baltimore was carried by Jordan Howard and the defense but it doesn't happen without three crucial Mitch Trubisky plays.
lebron vs. jordan

Mitch Trubisky Makes His Pick in the LeBron vs. Jordan Debate

Mitch Trubisky may have just opened up a Pandora's box that he won't know how to shut. If there's one lesson to learn in this city of Chicago, it's this. Do not take the...