Any time a season ends in disappointing, everybody assumes the organization is terrible. Why would anybody want the big jobs in it? What they often fail to realize is the NFL only has 32 such jobs available. They’re much rarer than people make them out to be. Somebody is going to want them. In regards to the Chicago Bears? Don’t let the pessimists fool you.

A source told me that a number of people are monitoring Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers with significant interest. It’s well-known if the Bears lose there is a strong possibility both head coach Matt Nagy and GM Ryan Pace could be fired. It seems plenty of prospective head coaches and GMs consider both of those jobs worthwhile pursuits.

Not just because of prestige either.

Contrary to the established myth, the cupboard is hardly bare for this team. They have some nice building blocks in place in terms of talent. Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, and Kyle Fuller are obviously still solid players. Yet it’s the recent ascent of some younger guys that have drawn some attention.

  • Jaylon Johnson (21)
  • Cole Kmet (21)
  • James Daniels (22)
  • Roquan Smith (23)
  • David Montgomery (23)
  • Sam Mustipher (24)
  • Bilal Nichols (24)
  • Alex Bars (25)

This list doesn’t include Eddie Jackson who is 26 and Eddie Goldman who is also 26. Presuming they can keep Allen Robinson? He’ll only be 28 next year as well. This team has a foundation of talent to build on. Something other teams seeking new head coaches and/or GMs can’t boast. They’re either featuring an aging roster or one without a lot of talent. The biggest question mark would be the quarterback position.

Chicago Bears may have an avenue forward at QB

The trade for Nick Foles was a flop for the Bears. Finding out what to do with his contract will be a challenge for whoever is in charge next year. The interesting discussion though is Mitch Trubisky. Nobody can say the former #2 pick is a success story, but his recent resurgence over the past month has some around the football circuit at least intrigued. While he may not be elite, he’s proven he has enough talent to be functional in the right kind of system.

The next coach/GM combination could see him as a potential bridge option. Somebody who can hold down the job until they get situated and can begin the search for their own quarterback. Think what Alex Smith was in Kansas City. Keeping Trubisky should be too expensive for the Chicago Bears. It would beat overpaying in a trade for an aging Matt Ryan or broken Carson Wentz. It would also allow them to avoid reaching on a quarterback late in the 1st round.

 Ideal? No. That said, there have been worse starting points for a new regime.

If nothing else, this is proof the Bears jobs aren’t as radioactive as some people like to think. George McCaskey will have options to choose from. Plenty of them ready and willing to take the opportunity if offered. The challenge, as always, will be finding the right guys.