Regardless of what side of the fence you come down on, one thing is clear. This Russell Wilson situation is serious. There would not be nearly as much buzz going around right now if it wasn’t. There is a rift between him and the Seattle Seahawks. He wants the offense built more around him. Head coach Pete Carroll has reportedly refused to do so. Hence why the quarterback took his grievances public.

A move that did not reportedly sit well with the team. Thus according to Adam Schefter and Diana Russini, Seattle has begun listening to trade offers. They’re not “shopping” him but they are listening. Truth be told, the wordplay is pointless. What matters is the door is open and the Chicago Bears are one of the four teams on Wilson’s shortlist he’d waive his no-trade clause for.

This is why fans are excited.

Still, it’s hard to get too carried away at this stage. Situations like this can turn on a dime. Wilson and the Seahawks can have a powwow and calm things down. Or the quarterback could expand his list to include more teams. Both of which would be bad for the Bears. However, if things stay on track as they have one has to think Chicago has a legitimate shot, right?

Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog thinks so. He’s had strong connections to some high-level sources around the NFL and also inside Halas Hall. He put out a recent audio clip talking about the Wilson “chatter” lately and how serious it is. That was when he dropped a microbomb. It seems the other teams on his shortlist balked when they heard Seattle’s asking price to get him. The Bears? Not so much.

Russell Wilson will be expensive but worth it

What is the asking price? Nobody knows for sure. All anybody can say with reasonable confidence is it’s likely somewhere around three 1st round picks. Is that a lot? Yes, it is. The Bears have already gone two-straight years without a 1st rounder due to the Khalil Mack trade. Now they face the prospect of extending that streak three more years. It is difficult to build a competitive roster without them.

That said, Bears GM Ryan Pace has shown he has the chops to do so. Just in the past two drafts, he’s managed to secure David Montgomery, Cole Kmet, Jaylon Johnson, and Darnell Mooney. All of whom look like capable starters moving forward. Then there are several other non-1st round gems he’s plucked over the years like Adrian Amos, Cody Whitehair, Jordan Howard, Eddie Jackson, Tarik Cohen, James Daniels, and Bilal Nichols.

Couple this with his strong free agency background?

It’s not hard to imagine Pace would think he has the capability of building around Russell Wilson without 1st round picks. The guy is a franchise quarterback. He threw 40 touchdowns last season. He has 52 touchdowns to just nine interceptions since the start of 2019 in games he was sacked three times or less. A legit superstar. Trade for him, protect him and watch the winning commence.

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