The Chicago Bears have several question marks at the cornerback position. Something that became inevitable after they parted ways with both Kyle Fuller and Buster Skrine. Now they have Jaylon Johnson and a bunch of unproven youngsters like Kindle Vildor, Duke Shelley, and Artie Burns. People are having a hard time believing this is the group the team is content going against the Rams with. Perhaps they aren’t. Word is they might be looking to bring back a familiar face in Bryce Callahan.

The Bears were forced to part ways with the former undrafted free agent in 2019 after a strong run as their nickel corner from 2015 to 2018. He signed a deal with the Denver Broncos where he encountered much of the same results. Great play on the field but an ongoing struggle with injuries. Now the Broncos appear loaded at cornerback and word is they might be looking to unload one of their extra bodies. According to Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus, Callahan is among them.

The Bears are one of the teams interested.

Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright confirmed the story. He said the team has shown a willingness to trade Callahan, but only for the right price. They aren’t going to give him away for pennies. That could prove challenging though. Callahan hasn’t played a full season for them yet, is 30-years old, and would count over $6 million to any team that deals for him. It’s hard to imagine they can get anything beyond a late round pick.

Are the Bears in a position to do this? Remember they only have five picks in the 2022 draft already. Giving up another one for an older cornerback who is injury-prone doesn’t sound like the smartest approach. What GM Ryan Pace might try to do is offer a higher pick in order to get Bryce Callahan and a lower pick back. This type of trade is common in the NFL. The risks are obvious. At the same time, there is no question he would instantly be the best cornerback on the roster. A lineup of him, Jaylon Johnson, and Kindle Vildor sounds way better than anything this team can field right now.

Bryce Callahan may be out of reach

There is no denying the value he can bring to this secondary despite the concerns. However, at some point Pace has to draw the line on giving up future assets for immediate help. He’s done that far too many times the past couple of years and without much in the way of benefits. The Bears have the oldest roster in the NFL and the hardest schedule too. Are they going to win the Super Bowl this year?

No. If they truly felt it was possible, then this deal might make sense. The Bears just aren’t there. They are a team in transition. One that has to start focusing their resources towards their new young quarterback in Justin Fields. Trading another draft pick for a 30-year old cornerback doesn’t accomplish that goal.

This means 2021 could be rough for the secondary.

Chicago has a ton of youth at cornerback. A lot of unproven guys. Jaylon Johnson should be good. Kindle Vildor? Duke Shelley? They haven’t shown much to be encouraged by yet. Artie Burns was a draft bust in Pittsburgh. Xavier Crawford is a career backup. This isn’t an inspiring group. Sadly the team just isn’t in a good place to fix it right now.

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